Germany: The discreet lives of the super rich | DW Documentary

Life of a billionaire lifestyle 2020 | Motivational #1

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My FULL London house tour, before everything changes *3 Years strong!*

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Produced on 23 Jun 2020
Patricia Bright
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Hey all so today is a full house tour of my home its been a glorious 3 years.....

The Biggest Mansions In America

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Today we explore the 3 biggest mansions in the United Sates! Facebook:

Inside The Richest Zip Code

In The US

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Business Insider
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Just three miles from Miami sits an exclusive, members-only island that's home to millionaires and celebrities. Here, residents drive around in golf carts, lounge on beaches with sand imported from the Bahamas, and easily get COVID-19 antibody tests.

​Piers Morgan - Shanghai Season 2 Episode 3 HD Documentary 2019

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Produced on 27 Feb 2016
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Season 2 - Episode 3 - The Luxury Life Of Shanghai By Piers Morgan HD

JAMAICA VLOG #2 : What It’s Like In a 5 Star Hotel Resort During COVID ?!

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Lydia Agnes
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#Jamaica #TravelVlog


#JamaicaTravelVlog #JamaicaVlog

#GrandBahia #BahiaPrincipeGrand

LIVE: Boris Johnson Holds News Conference on Covid-19 Testing Amid U.K. Lockdown

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(Nov. 9) Watch live as U.K. Prime Minister Boris Johnson holds a coronavirus press conference at Downing Street in London on Monday, November 9, 2020.

No Roads, No Cars, Just Boats

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Great Big Story
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Most of us town-and-city dwellers spend our days pounding hard, paved ground. But in Giethoorn, Holland, residents float through canals. Built without roads, a series of waterways and bridges connect the town’s 2,400 residents. This incredible aquatic infrastructure has even earned the town the nickname “Little Venice.” We have to admit, a life without asphalt, gridlock and the DMV sounds pretty enchanting. SUBSCRIBE:

Dubai's RICHEST Kid Mansion Shopping , $95 million House (17 years old)

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Today we looked at one of Dubais, Most expensive Mansions ! Check out Farooq :

Watch Sky 
News live

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Today's top stories: Dominic Cummings is facing fresh questions about his explanation in response to allegations that he broke lockdown rules;

Inside The Lives of Billionaire Kids
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​​Inside The Lives Of The Rich Kids

Of London
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Produced on 28 Dec 2017
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British People Tell Us Their Best Jokes

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Produced on 2 Sep 2018
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British People In London tell us their best jokes I ask people in london to tell me their best jokes, and other questions

4K LONDON WALK 2020| Central London Walking Tour Around Oxford Street

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Produced on 5 Sep 2020

Welcome to London city walk channel. On this channel we bring you the best ultra HD guided walking tours for city destinations that we visit.

⁴ᴷ⁶⁰ Times Square New York City Walking Tour 2020-New York City Phase 3 Reopening Tour 2020

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Produced on 14 Jul 2020
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⁴ᴷ⁶⁰ Times Square New York City Walking Tour 2020-New York City Phase 3 Reopening Tour 2020

​I Stayed At The MOST EXPENSIVE Hotel in London....

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Top 10 This Morning Disasters

I'm black and I'm a member of the 1%

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CNN Business
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In the U.S. today, the average African-American household owns just 6 cents for every $1 of wealth held by the typical white household, and blacks make up just 1.7% of the top 1% of wealthy Americans. But there are black members of the 1% who are working to change that.

The Two Billion Dollar Home

Just in case you missed it!

Piers Morgan On Monte Carlo

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Is China taking over the South Pacific? | 60 Minutes Australia

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Subscribe here: Full Episodes: | China Syndrome (2018)


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Visa and Immigration Updates
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In this video we will be talking about the new Statement of changes to

the Immigration Rules which was published on 22

October 2020. 🔴 IMPORTANT LINK:

Burj Al Arab Dubai -

World's Most Luxurious 7* Hotel

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Produced on 30th Jun 2013
GC Privé | Private Office
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The distinctive sail-shaped silhouette of Burj Al Arab is more than just a

stunning hotel, it is a symbol of modern Dubai.

Billionaire's Row

Documentary 2020

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Produced on 12 Feb 2018
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The secret lives of the super rich Billionaire's Row Documentary

Uefa Champions League - 
All Goals & Highlights 2020

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•Premiered on 7 Aug 2020
Euro Scouter
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Uefa Champions League - Best Skills & Goals


This Morning’s Most Viral Moments Ever Part 2 | This Morning

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Produced on 21 Sep 2019
This Morning
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Subscribe now for more! Holly & Phillip are still drunk after the NTAs, a woman who can't feel pain eats one of the hottest chillies, Kim Woodburn lashes out at Phillip and more viral moments.

King Salman’s $1.5 Trillion Empire

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Today we take a look at the luxurious life of the King of Saudi Arabia, Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud. Facebook:

INSIDE THE DUBAI ROYAL FAMILY: Where are the missing Princesses? | 60 Minutes Australia

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Produced on 18 May 2020
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Subscribe here: Full Episodes here | Escape from the Palace (2020)

Pfizer CEO on Covid-19 vaccine efficacy: 'It is a great day for humanity'

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U.S pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and German biotech firm BioNTech said their coronavirus vaccine was more than 90% effective in preventing Covid-19 among those without evidence of prior infection, according to data published Monday from their late-stage vaccine trial. "It is a great day for science," Pfizer CEO Albert Bourla told CNBC's "Squawk Box" Monday morning.

What Life Is Like For an Ex-President

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Produced on 2 Jun 2019
Weird History
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Ever wonder what happens when the President leaves office? What happens to the secret service? And how much money are they making post-White House? Today we're taking all the mystery out of it as we dive deep into life after being the commander-in-chief. #POTUS

We stayed at THE MOST EXPENSIVE Hotel Room in NYC

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Produced on 21 Dec 2019
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INSIDE a $75,000/Night New York City HOTEL Room! In this video we got the rare opportunity to spend 24 hours in the most expensive luxury hotel room in New York City at the Mark Hotel.


Kane Brown - Worldwide Beautiful (Live From the 55th ACM Awards)

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Kane Brown
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Kane Brown performs "Worldwide Beautiful" on the 55th ACM Awards, September 16, 2020. Get the song now on Kane's Mixtape Vol. 1 EP.

RENTING VS BUYING a home in 2020 the TRUE cost they don't want you to know *You might be surprised*

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Produced on 24 Jun 2020
The Break
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So many of us have been told our whole lives that owning a property is the most important thing we can do and we need to hurry up and buy a home, I'll be honest and say I've also felt that pressure but is buying you own home the best investment?...this video might change your mind... Follow the Break Social on instagram for updates:

Meet Dubai's RICHEST Kid , $120 Million Mansion (18 years old)

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Produced on 24 Aug 2020
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Thank you to : This beautiful mansion is for sale so check It out 💪💪

Remember This Website;

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Piers Morgan - The Luxury Life Of Dubai HD Documentary

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Produced on 27 Feb 2016
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Dubai Billionaires and Their Luxury Homes and Toys - Documentary Season 1 - Episode 1 - The Luxury Life Of Dubai By Piers Morgan HD

John Boyega George Floyd protest London speech in full: Star Wars actor's powerful Hyde Park message

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Inside Britain’s Super Rich Longleat Estate - Ep.1 | TRULY

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Produced on 2 Aug 2019
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SUBSCRIBE to Barcroft TV: A revealing new series that goes behind the scenes at one of Britain’s most extraordinary aristocratic estates. Lord Bath has handed control of the 190 million estate to his eldest son Ceawlin. But challenges lie ahead, as he and his newly-titled wife, Emma, take on a staff of hundreds, two villages and a safari park, along with the enormous Elizabethan family mansion. In this opening episode, Lord Bath has handed control of the £190 million estate to his son, Ceawlin, but the handover isn't going smoothly. Meanwhile, Ceawlin's wife Emma is settling into life as Lady Weymouth. In the safari park, the animal keepers watch the family from afar and wonder how Ceawlin will compare to his flamboyant, controversial father.

#DontRush challenge from British-African NHS doctors fighting Covid-19 - BBC Africa

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Produced on 7 Apr 2020
BBC News Africa
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A group of NHS doctors have taken up the popular #DontRush social media video challenge to bring a dose of positivity amid the global Covid-19 outbreak and highlight the issue of diversity.

Reporter granted rare access inside secretive North Korea | 60 Minutes Australia

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Produced on 20 Jan 2020
60 Minutes Australia
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After months of negotiations, Nine News correspondent Tom Steinfort was given rare permission to travel to North Korea. Subscribe here: Full Episodes here


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Top 20 Awkward Interviews on This Morning

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Produced on 3 May 2020
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The “This Morning” sofa really has seen it all. For this list, we're counting dow...

12 Most Beautiful Places on

Planet Earth

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Produced on 1 Aug 2020
4 Ever Green
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12 Most Beautiful Places on Planet Earth Subscribe To Our Channel :

Billionaire lifestyle | Life of billionaires | Rich lifestyle | Luxury lifestyle Motivation #2

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Produced on 20 May 2020
Luxury Kingdom

Billionaire lifestyle Motivation | Rich lifestyle | Luxury lifestyle | Wealthy lifestyle | Affluent Life In this video we bring you out a fantastic Billionaire Lifestyle Motivational video.

Top 10 Pranks On British Celebrities

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Produced on 31 Mar 2019
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Funny pranks played on celebrities. Seriously, what's not to love? Whether it's Hugh Jackman joking around with

Taron Egerton, James Corden getting one over on David Beckham, or classic TV pranks including

Rio Ferdinand Vs Gary Neville, Ant and Dec Vs Jamie Oliver,

WATCH LIVE: ABC News channel for the latest


and events

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12 Oct 2020
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ABC News channel provides

around the clock coverage of news events as they break in Australia and abroad, including the latest US election and coronavirus updates. It's news when you want it, from Australia's most trusted news organisation. Subscribe to us on YouTube:


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FAQ : My Booty workout→

Piers Morgan On Marbella

Coronavirus Live : Real Time Counter, World Map

Life Of Billionaires💲| Rich Lifestyle Of Billionaires | Motivation #3

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#billionaireslifestyle #millionaireslifestyle #lifetimewinners


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Inside Meghan Markle

& Prince Harry's

Secret Santa Barbara Life

Over 4,649 views
Produced on 8 Sep 2020
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Earlier this summer, Meghan Markle and Prince Harry left Beverly Hills and bought a mansion

in the star-studded Montecito area. Royal expert Richard Mineards of the Montecito Journal tells

Access Hollywood everything you need to know about the Duke and

Duchess of Sussex's new life in the beautiful coastal city.