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Book 2 (Adventures of a Boy Named Carl: Alternative Version for Younger Kids)

Hello! This is Janet. Luke is my writing partner and Margaret is my lovely mum. Luke is a Jamaican-American from sunny S. Florida. I'm from the famous Manchester (City or United - one might say), England. Together we're the British-Jamerican Writers.

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By Amazon Customer on 25 April 2017
"I found this book to be an excellent read, A real gem that I fell upon, great reading for people of all ages and a really gripping story, would definitely recommend for anybody who wants a great experience."

By Mrs Smith on 24 April 2017
"Couldn't put this book down. Absolutely brilliant can't wait for the next one. Excellent!"
By MRS DENISE C CORRY on 12 April 2017
"Amazing read!"

Book 2

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Our newly released book #3 (No Ordinary Animal) has little to none of the usual island patois dialect and it is front-loaded with action packed drama. It is also for young kids as well as young adults

Book #3 - Kindle

Another Author's Book

A Twisted Journey

Our new children's book (book no 1) is aimed at the parent/young adult /teens/older children. Book (no 2) is for younger children, as well as all of the above categories (adults, ya, teens, older kids).

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    Luke A. Bookwrighter

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   Margaret M.A. Yearsley

Stay Strong. Don't Be Bullied By Anyone.

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Don't Be A Clown. Turn Your Life Around.

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By Davian on 25 July 2017

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"This book is so funny everybady should read itπŸ˜…


(A significant portion of any profit derived from the sale of these books will be donated to MS Foundations among other research groups.)

Fight at a funeral
Book 1 (Adventures of a Boy Named Carl)


This book is the ingenious summary of 4 books all combined into one exciting story with two versions. We noticed that people would read one book but not the others in the series, a means that is so very vital in capturing the essence of the full impact of the complete story. So to solve this problem, we have changed the angle of the story to elaborate on the need to stand up to big bullies in one's life. We smartly cut out the fat of the four books and got right down to the action-packed meat of the story. We believe its our best and funniest book yet. Please take a look at it when you can, if its only for the story, it will be worth your time.

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