​The 10 Most Developed Cities in Africa you should visit 2020

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Produced on 23 Oct 2020
African Insider
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African cities are constantly among the fastest developing cities in the world. 

The Struggle Of Being Mixed Race In Africa!

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Produced on 6 Sep 2020
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Vanessa Kanbi https://www.youtube.com/c/VanessaKanb...

​Straight Talk Africa
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Produced on 16 Sep 2020
VOA Africa
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We are live. Let us know what part of the world you are watching us from and join our conversation. Originally published at - https://morigin.voanews.eu/a/5586104....

Whats Inside a $3,000,000 Johannesburg, South African Mega Mansion?

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Produced on 29 Jul 2020
Tayo Aina
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What's Inside a $3,000,000 Johannesburg, South African Mega Mansion is a video about me taking you on a luxury house tour of one of the most expensive real estate buildings in Sandton, Johannesburg South Africa. If you have plans of moving to South Africa and owning real estate, this video is for you. Do like watch and enjoy. Follow Me: Instagram at http://instagram.com/tayoainafilms

​​African Tales The Movie - Mark of Uru - Enemy of the Rising Sun - Business and Pleasure
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Award Winning Animation - Mark of Uru Donate via Paypal to Support us - https://www.paypal.com/cgi-bin/webscr...

The Hidden Meanings Behind Childish Gambino’s ‘This Is America’ Video

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Produced on 15 May 2018
Inside Edition
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Childish Gambino’s provocative new video for ‘This Is America’ has taken the Internet by storm, and has critics scouring every frame for hidden meanings. Dr. Lori Brooks, who teaches in the African-American Studies department at Fordham University, says the video purposefully evokes 

​Haile Selassie - The New Messiah - WW2 Biography Special
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Produced on 28 Apr 2020
World War Two
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Most Underrated Cities in Africa part 1

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Produced on 27 Sep 2020
African Insider
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While Instagram is

awash with photos of

travelers on top of Table

Mountain in Cape Town,

strolling about Tanzania’s

white beaches of Zanzibar,

or posing in front of

the pyramids at Giza,

the African continent

is gigantic; there are

so many options

as far as traveling

on the continent

is concerned.

Ghana's Ex-President Led Me To The Ambassador Of The African Diaspora!

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Filmed & Edited by: http://www.instagram.com/adamhorwitz

This is Jamaica

3,000 years Ethiopia's history explained in less than 10 minutes
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Produced on 19 Apr 2018
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My Sister's Chadian and Northern Nigerian Wedding | Mairama Indimi + Mustafa Musango

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Produced on 19 Feb 2018
Kulu Vlogs {Hauwa Indimi}
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Top 10 African Actors in Hollywood 2020

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Produced on 26 Feb 2020
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These are the top 10 African actors who are now in Hollywood these actors and actresses were born and raised in Africa but moved to hollywood to realize their dreams

35 World Famous Celebrities Who Are Nigerians

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Produced on 23 Jun 2020

This Video Is About 35 World Famous Celebrities Who Are Nigerians SUPPORT THE CHANNEL ON PATRON: https://www.patreon.com/manuche

East African Federation: A New African Superpower?

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Produced on 3 Apr 2019
Atlas Pro
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Within Eastern Africa, a new country might be forming...

My Sisters Royal Nigerian Wedding | Adama Indimi & Malik Ado Ibrahim | Vlog

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Produced on 31 Aug 2020
Kulu Vlogs {Hauwa Indimi}
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🔥 Chill Afrobeat 2020 Naija Mix Vol 1 - Dj Shinski [Wizkid, Davido, Rema, Tiwa Savage, Simi, Joeboy]

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•Premiered on 2 Oct 2020
Dj Shinski
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#naija2020 #Afrobeat2020 #chillout ➡️ Download Audio: http://bit.ly/chillafro1download ➡️ Download Video Mix: http://bit.ly/chillafrovideodownload ➡️ Mixcloud: https://bit.ly/chillafromc ➡️ Soundcloud: https://bit.ly/chillafrosc ➖➖➖ Also available on ➡️Website : https://www.djshinski.com

How A Ghanaian Family Built A World Class Clinic in Ghana

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Produced on 19 Sep 2020
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DJ Khaled - Drama ft. Burna Boy (Official Video)

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Produced on 16 Sep 2020
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DJ Khaled “Drama” ft. Burna Boy available 
at: https://DJKhaled.lnk.to/POPSTAR 
Production Company: Fela / Mssng Peces

Hausa Wedding - Zahra & Faisal Stunning Nigerian Wedding

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Produced on 8 Aug 2016
mybeautiful story
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Beautiful Hausa Wedding shot in Abuja. Zara looked absolutely amazing and we had a great time telling the story of this beautiful wedding. Wedding planned by the amazing "weddingguru". Please note you can reach mybeautifulstory on +2348155559000 or send us an email on support@theatunbiexperience.com for your beautiful Nigerian wedding videos. our stories are cinematic and timelss.

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10 Black American Celebs who Have Traced Their African Roots and Or Acquired African Nationality

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Produced on 8 Jul 2020
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Top 10 Celebrities Who Have Traced their African Roots and or Acquired African Citizenship Hello Displorers, welcome to another exciting video presented by Displore and thanks for watching. In this video, we shall be counting down top world class celebrities who have either successfully traced their African roots and or acquired African nationalities. 2019 was termed the “Year of Return” celebrated as the “Year of Return Ghana 2019” to mark a major landmark spiritual and birth-right journey inviting the Global African family, home and abroad.

See One or More

Faces of Africa

garnet silk

- chant

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Produced on

10 May 2009
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Music in this video


20 Nigerian Footballers Who Are Playing For Other Countries

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Produced on 1 Jul 2020

This Video Is About 20 Nigerian Footballers Who Are Playing For Other Countries


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Produced on 3 Mar 2017


This Nigerian Wedding Entrance Will Take your Breath Away!

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Produced on 23 Jun 2020

Nigeria Wedding Diary Shares an intriging moment in Erica & Nnamdi's wedding. #nigerianwedding #weddingentrance #nigeriancouple

Eko Atlantic City | Dubai of Africa | Visit Nigeria |

Being Nigerian

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Produced on 21 Oct 2018
Being Nigerian
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As Nigeria continues its unstoppable trajectory towards becoming one of the top 20 economies in the world, #EkoAtlantic opens unprecedented opportunities for tapping into the wider potential of Africa as a continent and is already being widely recognized as the foremost global investment destination of today.

African-American Firm & Ghanaian Partner on $30M Luxury Estate in Ghana

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Produced on 23 Jul 2020
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10 Hollywood Celebs You Won't Believe Are South African

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Produced on 29 Jun 2020
Gemini Blessed TV
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10 Hollywood celebrities who are actually South African Follow Us On Social Media 📲 📸 📩 : Instagram -https://www.instagram.com/gemini_bles... Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/Gemini-Bless...

''Black Lives Matter'' protest hits South Africa

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Produced on 4 Jun 2020
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Supporters of the ''Black Lives Matter'' movement gathered outside the South African parliament in Cape Town Wednesday.

Top 7 South Sudanese Models

Over 75,466 views
Produced on 24 Mar 2018

A list of top models of South Sudan origin. These South

Sudanese Models are making Africa proud. These women

are embracing their dark complexion with pride.

Hauwa Indimi and Muhammed Yar'adua Wedding Highlight
Over 507,718 views
Produced on 23 Aug 2018
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The aristocratic families of Mohammed Indimi and Abubakar Yar'adua witnessed the wedding ceremony of Hauwa and Muhammad.

Just in case you missed it!

How Top Model Adut Akech Gets Runway Ready | Diary of a Model | Vogue

Over 4,392,834 views
Produced on 20 May 2019
8.48M subscribers

When Prada announced its Resort 2020 show in New York we knew it was going to be big. Watch as model Adut Akech travels around New York City (with a stop for some pasta!) as she gets ready for the big show.

Top 10 Best Rappers in Africa 2020

Falz - This Is Nigeria

(Official Video)

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Produced on 25 May 2018
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Watch Now 'Le Vrai Bahd Guy' : https://youtu.be/CdvY-tfI3ME Lyrics,

Vocals & Recording: Folarinde 'Falz' Falana

WHAT $350,000 GETS YOU IN GHANA | Building A House In Ghana as a Real Estate Developer

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Produced on 17 Mar 2020
Vanessa Kanbi
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Building a house in Ghana is no mean feat. Richard and Patrick tell us how they started their real estate business in Ghana. They also discuss the issues you can face with buying land, how to buy land, is it cheaper to build or buy, getting great finishings in Ghana, tradesmen/tradespeople, leasehold land, maintenance fees and much much more. I also give you a house tour of one of their 4 bedroom townhouses in the vista!

Top 10 African Countries With The Most Handsome Men

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Produced on 4 Dec 2019
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Hello Displorers, Welcome back to another exciting video and thanks for watching, In this video, we shall presenting the top 10 Countries in Africa with the most handsome Men. Africa is home to some of the most handsome men in the world; African Men are Tall, Sexy, Classy and are heavily endowed.

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new faces of Jamaicans online at MiLoveJamdung.com

The Interesting Traditional Wedding Of Billionaire Daughter, Adama Indimi & Malik Ado Ibrahim

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•Premiered on 12 Aug 2020
African Glitz TV
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Adama Indimi is the daughter of Nigerian Billionaire, Mohammed Indimi. The Nigerian-born beauty is half Swiss and half Chadian. She was partly raised in Abuja, Maiduguri, and in the US. She completed her primary and secondary education in Abuja before proceeding to American University Nigeria for her first-degree and later Lynn University, Florida, in the Uppp11S for her master's degree. #AdamaIndimi #MalikAdoIbrahim #AdamaIndimiwedding

Top 10 Most Beautiful Actresses in Africa 2020

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Produced on 12 Feb 2020
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Welcome to Displore and thanks for watching.

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new India at CnewIndia.com

25 Most Beautiful Cities in Africa - Beauty of Africa

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Produced on 22 Apr 2020
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25 Most Beautiful Cities in Africa Welcome to Displore and thanks for watching, in this video, we shall be taking you on a tour across the most beautiful cities in Africa. Africa is a large continent made up of 54 sovereign countries and each of these countries offer unique experiences for travelers especially through its cities.

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International Music Videos at GoSeeVideos.com


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Produced on 17 Nov 2018
RJ Mahdi
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The call has gone out from government officials, the AU, private organizations, pan-African influencers and others for the Diaspora of Black people around the world to come home to Africa!!

How Rwanda is Becoming the Singapore of Africa

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Produced on 19 Mar 2019
Wendover Productions
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for 30 days by signing up at

http://CuriosityStream.com/Wendover and

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Gianlish Gambino - This is Italia

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Produced on 19 Jul 2018
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listen to FrogHunters music jany

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=4DfPY... I will know

my name https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=568kL...


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Top 10 African Countries with Most beautiful Women

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•Premiered on 11 Oct 2019
We Love Africa
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We are Changing the narratives Of Mother Africa through YouTube Videos..One Video at a Time... It's Time For Africans To Tell Their Own Story!

How African Americans Established World Class Medical Center In Ghana

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Produced on 4 Sep 2020
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Read More About Luccahealth On https://luccahealth.com/

Surprise Meet Up With Ex-President Of Ghana!

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Produced on 26 Aug 2020
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Adut Akech | FW 20 | Runway Collection

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•Premiered on 3 Mar 2020
ADO Models
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Adut Akech | Fall Winter 2020 - 2021 | Runway Collection

Africa Fashion Week

London 2019

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Produced on 17 Aug 2019
Africa Fashion Week London
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Experience Africa at Africa Fashion Week London 2019!

Event highlights of Day 1 - Exhibition, Backstage, Catwalk.

Videography by Mark Johnson aka Mr Ghosttrain

Diversity take to the stage with POWERFUL Black Lives Matter performance | Semi-Finals | BGT 2020

Over 2,745,724 views
Produced on 5 Sep 2020
Britain's Got Talent
15.8M subscribers

You can't help but watch in awe as Diversity command the stage with a performance that will be talked about for years to come.

Best Neighborhoods in Africa


19 year old lives Luxury in Cape Town, South Africa 2020

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Produced on 18 Nov 2019
Taun Visser
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Subscribe to my channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCkir... Living the lux life in Cape Town South Africa for a few days with some friends.

5 Impossible African Dances you Need

to See to Believe

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Produced on 3 Aug 2020
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#2nacheki presents 5 Impossible African Dances you Need to See to Believe This video is sponsored by #sendwave

​Chinese Gambino - This is Malaysia (Parody)

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Produced on 13 Jun 2018
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This is Malaysia. We are Malaysian. A parody music video of "This is America." Song Performed by - Jin Lim: http://www.instagram.com/jinnyboy

101 Facts About Africa

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Produced on 7 Apr 2018
568K subscribers

Hello there Motherfactors! Welcome to the video! In today's masterpiece, you'll be learning all about one of the biggest continents on our lovely planet Earth - This is 101 Facts about Africa!

Obama's Sister: 'My brother has carried our name'

Over 3,422,440 views
Produced on 22 Jul 2015
10.7M subscribers

As part of an exclusive CNN interview, Brooke Baldwin

travels to Kenya for a sit down interview with Barack Obama's

family including a conversation with his sister Auma.

Funniest African Dancers EVER..LOL - Dance For The Rain (LeoThe Lion)

Over 4,530,959 views
Produced on 6 Nov 2015
The Lion
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A compilation of the funniest dancing from across the globe.. music from: LION Instagram: @LeoTheLionGram

Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley - Speak Life (Official Video)

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Produced on 26 Jan 2018
Damian Marley
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Official music video for "Speak Life" by Damian "Jr. Gong" Marley, off the new Stony Hill album. Listen on Tidal: http://tidal.com/us/damianmarley | Get it now: https://dmarley.me/StonyHill Subscribe: http://bit.ly/SUBdm

Faces of Africa— Rastafarians: coming home to

Africa 07/10/2016
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Produced on 11 Jul 2016
CCTV English
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Subscribe to us on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/user/CCTVcomI...

Top 10 African Countries 
With the Highest White Population
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Produced on 13 Aug 2020
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Top 10 African Countries with the Highest White Population Hello Displorers, Welcome back to another to another informative video presented by Displore and thanks for watching. In this video, we shall be counting down the top 10 African countries with the highest white population. The long-term projections suggest the population of Africa will double in 2050 and there are more than 2100 different languages spoken among more than 3000 distinct ethnic groups and races which includes a small white population...



Over 1,353,656 views
•Premiered on 19 Jun 2020
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in Africa.

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Produced on 19 Jun 2020
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🔥Caution! Very Mild Swearing!


Africanews english Live

People  watching live now
•Started streaming on

18 Nov 2020
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Africanews is available in

English and French. Website : www.africanews.com Facebook : https://www.facebook.com/africanews.c...
Twitter : https://twitter.com/africanews

🔥15 Hollywood Stars you never knew were Ghanaians

Over 8,279 views
Produced on 13 Apr 2019
GhPage TV

Subscribe to Ghpage TV channel: https://goo.gl/tgE9H9 contact us at: ghpage4@gmail.com For more interesting stories log on to https://www.ghpage.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/ghpagenews/

Dakar Fashion Week celebrates new

vision of Africa

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Produced on 29 Jun 2018
FRANCE 24 English
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The Nairobi Women's Hospital Jerusalema dance
Over 1,028,130 views
Produced on 20 Sep 2020
Kenya One
15.6K subscribers

Doctors and Nurses at Nairobi Women's Hospital hospital have done the famous Jerusalema

dance throughout the facility. It’s all to say thank you to their colleagues. 

Fixing the social distance between Africans & African Americans

Over 21,753 views
•Streamed live on 4 Jun 2020
36.2K subscribers

Fixing the social distance between Africans & African Americans The white-dominant society portrayed and still portrays Africans as primitive savages, while black Americans are projected as “advanced savages” because they live in a civilized “White” society. The media is said to portray African Americans as determined to destroy themselves and the society with their propensity towards violence encoded in their genes and rooted in their African origin (Mwakikagile, 2009).