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Adventures of a Boy Named Carl

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By Davian on 25 July 2017.
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"This book is so funny everybady should read it😅

Adventures of a Boy Named Carl
Adventures of a Boy Named Carl


    Luke A. Bookwrighter
       Janet M. Yearsley
   Margaret M. A. Yearsley

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Adventures of a Boy Named Carl - Alternative Version for Younger Kids

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“…But I was dying to see you again because I have a lot on my mind that I need to ask you about.”

​“Yuh have questions? Ask Siri; don’t ask mi. Just kidding, fool. It’s an ‘inside’ joke. Mi know yuh can’t see the future like us rolling calves. Okay, boy. Put fun and jokes aside. Go ahead, but make it fast; mi time is limited,” the rolling calf said.

​“Okay, first of all, we haven’t been properly introduced. My name is Carl, as you might already know. What is yours?”

​“Boy, yuh can just call mi Roly-Roly. Mi always did like dat name.” ​

“Alright, Mr. Roly-Roly, my next question is: Why me? Why am I the only one you’ve been meeting around this countryside?” ​

“Why not? Yuh de fastest person around this here parts of de land. It’s hard to find anyone who can keep up with mi these days. Mi used to chase, oops! I mean practice, no! Train, I meant to say that I used to train with a boy up inna Trelawney inna de town of Falmouth but since mi discovered dat yuh are ten times faster, mi started hanging around here.”

​“My big macq mother-macaroni and cheese! You’re here just because of me? Holy shirt! Noooo!” Carl was very surprised.

​“Well, there is also Elvira who used to be a lot of fun when she was younger, but she is not much fun anymore. These days, when we go to train, she faints and collapses to de ground before wi even take off at de starting line.”

​“So, let me understand this well; we are the two fastest runners in the entire island?” Carl eagerly asked.

​“Well, there is also McKenzie, but in training she is a loudmouth. She screams and performs outrageously and makes too much noise when she runs. She makes mi look bad inna de community. The last time we ran together she was screaming nonstop; 'Oh Lord, mi dead now! Help! Help! Murda, murda! Lord help mi. Momma help mi! Jesus Christ mi dead now! Rolling calf! Rolling calf! Duppy! Lord a mercy, mi dead now! Murda, murda! Woee! Woee! Woee! Massa God mi dead now! Rolling calf gonna kill mi now. But not today, not ever, as long as I have two feet you gonna have to catch me Mr. Duppy Rolling Calf. Lord a mercy! Help! Ghostbusters! police! Whoever! Whatever! Somebody! Help! Help!' Yuh know Carl, people like her gi rolling calves a bad name.” ​

“Mr. Roly-Roly, I have another question for you…”

​“Wait! Mi can hear McKenzie coming down de road.” Roly-Roly stiffened his body, turned up his ears, and twisted his head. “Yes, dat’s her. Gots to go, buddy. McKenzie is de only running partner mi have left. Mi gots to make another grand spectacular appearance. Dat’s de only fun mi gots around these here parts.”

​“Wait, Mr. Roly-Roly, don’t go yet. I have more questions for…” Carl tried stopping the monster, but it gave him a wink of his eye and then took off like lightning.

Adventures of a Boy Named Carl: Young Adult Fiction (Chapter 12, pp. 44-51).

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By Amazon Customer on 25 April 2017.
"I found this book to be an excellent read, A real gem that I fell upon, great reading for people of all ages and a really gripping story, would definitely recommend for anybody who wants a great experience."

By Mrs Smith on 24 April 2017.
"Couldn't put this book down. Absolutely brilliant can't wait for the next one. Excellent!"
By MRS DENISE C CORRY on 12 April 2017.
"Amazing read!"

See an excerpt from Adventures of a Boy Named Carl: Young Adult Fiction;

Carl is haunted by the memory of the dreadful ghostly beast known as a rolling calf , a large swift running creature with dragon like eyes who voices terrifying sounds. He vows to hunt down the mighty creature and get answers to all the questions he has in his head. A scary but somewhat funny MUST read ghost story!